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Well I've had a pretty great morning despite waking up with the beginnings of a cold and a cheeky Kayleigh who snuck in my bed.  Feel this change coming over me and things are moving in the right direction.  This depression and anxiety that has plagued me the past 2 years is being beaten into submission and I have had a total mind schism and I'm fighting to build something good for the future.

Kayleigh had a good night at a friends house and I've found my feet and shed my anxiety in approaching other parents down the school.  Can't say I'm doing amazingly but it's a step forward and a massive improvement.  Things are starting to go my way and I'm making the most of it getting on top of things.  I still need to patch things up with Abi & Lewis but that will take time.

The only thing remaining is this journal of mine.  Had to have a long think yesterday when it dawned on me all this history and madness out here.  I had to ask myself what is this space for and what do I want with it.  Well it's a space where I shed my anger, hopes and fears and sound them out so I can take a better approach.  Its my sounding board and my space to let loose without fear.  While I have a policy of no secrets and honesty it doesn't have to be so giving.  So if someone wants to read all they have to do is ask and I add them in.  So I'm in the process of making this less public and all future posts are pretty much going to be a friends only kind of thing.
Trigun - Vash The Stampede

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Realised this journal has been public since the day I started writing.  It's only now that I'm tidying this up that I realised it and what it means.  I have had to start going back and adjusting some entries to friends only, out of respect if nothing else.  Also given what i have begun think some of the future entries will also need to be non-public.  It's not so easy to make this whole thing non-public right now so a few decisions to make on the future of my writing.